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We are familiar with the Advent story. Perhaps too familiar. Richard explores an angle we might not have considered when looking at the shepherds that came as the first visitors to Jesus.
Ruth and Benedict lead our thoughts this morning about prayer, how we pray together as a church and the value of saying Amen together. Through exploring the word Amen throughout the Bible - as praise to God, as an affirmation that God is true, and as a church united - we can see Jesus is the Amen to all of God’s promises to us.
God is love. God's relationships are love-powered and it is love that drives the promise God makes that he and Christ will make their home in us - personally and as the church.
The Bible talks a lot about remembering. The ancient Hebrews remembered a lot with their various feasts and festivals. hat we remember on Sundays is that resurrection is more improtant than death, that we are here to celebrate, not to weep and be sad but to be filled with joy and to remember.
Our speaker asked that we not share the thoughts this week due to the inclusion of some personal information about people they work with.
How often do we forget to keep Christ at the centre of our minds? Andrew encourages us to have Christ-centred thoughts, motives and ultimately Christ-centred lives.