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Crash barriers are put in safe zones to protect vehicles from entering danger zones. They direct and protect traffic and are designed to prevent the people being too badly damaged. We need to put similar protection into our lives, often, protection from ourselves. Trevor encourages us to put in place preventative measures that help us not to stray out of our safety zones into danger zones.
When you are about to give birth, arriving at substandard acommodation after a long journey could be seen as being badly prepared. But, Mary and Joseph were ideally prepared by being where God wanted them to be. Martyn introduces us to other characters in the Christmas story and explores how they were, sometimes unexpectedly, ideally prepared for the birth of Jesus.
When we close our eyes to who we are, or allow our open eyes to see who we are and end up wracked with guilt, we end up hurtiong ourselves and others. It is encouraging that God still forgives us even though he knows us better than we know ourselves. We slso have a responsibility to ourselves and others to seek out places to be encouraged and ways to encourage each other.
It is easy to wonder why people can not just get along and work together doing things the right way, until we remember that they may also be thinking the same. Our right way may not be right for someone else which is why the encouragment and tools to use to deal with conflict and disagreements given to us by JAmes are so valuable.
Life’s little things can be quite distracting at times, but this morning, Jack gives us an insight into a few of life’s ‘moments’ where just a little spark has ignited something big and illuminating in his mind. We travel from a lost sheep in Yorkshire, to the last supper with Jesus, from Pilate’s judgement seat to a baptism in Ashton-under-Lyme.